We regularly renew our fleet of trucks. Our purchases are a benefit for Dasko GmbH and our customers, as they ensure that the products reach their destination even more safely and reliably

Our fleet

At Dasko, we are proud of our modern and sustainable fleet.

Our LHV eco-combis are a special and innovative addition to our fleet. These combinations ensure even more CO2 savings.

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Our solar systems for trucks

Some of the roofs of our trucks are equipped with modern solar panels. This small but extremely effective feature supplies the on-board power supply of the truck with environmentally friendly electricity and thus also saves on expensive diesel.
LKW mit umweltfreundlichem Strom und spart somit auch teuren Diesel. 

This alternative energy source is doubly worthwhile! It helps to reduce ongoing energy costs and protects the on-board batteries of the tractor units. Above all, the environment also benefits twice over. We are constantly looking for new ideas and technologies that enable us to provide our services in an environmentally friendly and economical way.

Our PV systems

Under optimal conditions, the systems can generate around 200 kWh of energy. Most of the electricity generated by the sun is used directly by Dasko. This enables us to generate electricity in an environmentally friendly and climate-friendly way in the long term.

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A sustainable future

To further underline our commitment to sustainability, we will be expanding our fleet with a selection of electric vehicles from 2024. These zero-emission vehicles will enable us to further reduce our impact on the environment and contribute to a greener future

In order to make optimum use of our new electric trucks, we need a well-functioning charging infrastructure. We will therefore start building the charging network in Zwolle by the end of 2023.